story remix
a collaboration with
new shoes theatre

Cinderella Story Remix

a collaboration with New Shoes Theatre

New Shoes Theatre and Miss Represented presented The Cinderella Story Remix as part of International Women’s Day in 2013.  The performance was a culmination of a series of workshops, led by New Shoes Artistic Director Nicolette Kay, stemming from New Shoes Theatre production of Hurried Steps.

The show emerged from a series of workshops in visual arts, acting, singing and dancing and featured a play, a rap with backing track, a dance video, recorded songs and a costumed photo shoot.

Team: Jo Bates, Nikki Kay, Bex Fidler, Gemma Kauffman, Poppy Burt and Janine Fletcher.

The girls who took part: Chloe E, Caitlin, Ellie, Amba, Terry, Esme, Chloe R, Jess.

cinderella story remix: programme 

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