This is How the Light Gets In 2014

This was Miss Represented’s first venture into creating a cross-art theatre show, paving the way for what has become our inimitable style.

For this production we started with one word – relationships.

Relationships with family, friends, society, the police, teachers…

We talked about our relationships with ourselves and breaking through personal barriers.  We talked about how our roles in life change, sometimes significantly like the sudden prospect of motherhood.  We made protest signs imagining a different society.

There were monologues with film, brand new songs, reimaginings of old songs, a scene set in police cells.  We covered the back wall of the theatre completely in artwork, images and messages which were revealed throughout the show, bit by bit, representing the barriers the girls face and break, some barriers that we all face at different points in our lives.

Girls: Evie, Caitlin, Chloe R, Chloe E, Eloise, Chelsie, Lucy, Keighley, Katie, Fran, Georgia, Rita.

Team: Bex Fidler, Jo Bates, Gemma Kauffman, Kassia Zermon, Janine Fletcher, Poppy Burt.



This Is How The Light Gets In



This Is How The Light Gets In

The Show

  • I feel your pain but I cannot hold your life in my hands
    I am strong
    I am sorry

  • I want you to know that I forgive you
    Don't let me forget
    Remember the light
    I am happy

  • I feel joy
    I used to be able to cry but now I am beyond tears
    I cannot make decisions

  • I can't sleep
    I can't think
    I cannot overcome my loneliness

Quotes from the Audience

  • Thank you for the show Friday it was amazing, honest and inspiring. What fantastic work you have done with the girls. There was 5 of us staff and we are all bowled over by the the evening and the rawness of the subject - amazing.  

    Debbie Mansfield The Connected Hub
  • Well done for Miss Rep!  Thoroughly enjoyed it!  Just appearing on that stage is an amazing opportunity and experience for these girls, in addition they have had all the input which led to this.  A really powerful intervention!  

    Dion Page-Hammond ITF worker
  • The performance on Friday evening was amazing! I really enjoyed and was moved by it...I would really love to be involved with you and Miss Represented in whatever capacity I can, as it is something I am very much interested in.  

    Angela El-Zeind
  • The show was amazing - brilliantly and sensitively put together. So awesome to see young women having that platform and sharing their experiences. So brave and true. I'm sure the support and opportunity you have given will have such positive lasting effects for them. Also the set and music was great - and all the lighting - it held the space perfectly and allowed for anything to happen within it and for it to work. Great you were all on stage too - nice one!    

    Poppy Kay Performer
  • Theatre is still, depressingly, a world dominated by men, and in the current economic climate, looks set to become even more of a middle class enclave than it already is, as the traditional routes for working class people to enter the profession become financially unviable. A project like this shows what we are missing when we allow such a reality to exist, when we only hear working class voices through the filter of those who see them, however sympathetically, as the subjects of a drama one step removed from their own comfortable lives.    

    Exuent magazine
  • I just wanted to say well done to everyone involved in the event on Friday.  There were some really moving responses in the presentation and some powerful voices. I was really struck by the photo/prose snippet by the young woman who had become a mother but was lamenting the freedom she felt at festivals. I really identified with her loss around growing up and not having fun anymore. There is a play in that sentiment alone.  Great to see Poppy drop her beats too. It’s obviously a tribe that the participants feel belongs to them as they all performed with integrity and focus. Thank you for letting me share in this.    

    Michael Sell Princes Trust / Prison Outreach
  • Just wanted to congratulate you on the Miss Represented sharing.  Joy and I went along on Friday and both thought it was so inspiring.  Many of the women showed great potential.  They were such brave and honest pieces which gave a unique insight into the women's experiences. Many of the stories shared were obviously of great hardship, and yet the underlying feeling seemed to be one of hope and ultimately, triumph.    

  • I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the Miss Represented show on Friday night. I hope the other performances went as well. I was very moved and impressed by the strength and resilience of the performers and in awe of their bravery. I was also very moved by their stories, great that you enabled them to have an arena to share them. Well done all of you and thank you for a wonderful experience!    

    Helen O’Brien Lead Project Worker, The WiSE Project

We worked with Lauren Joy Kennett on a video about Miss Rep

Our evaluation day at Stanmer Park

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