2018 – MOOP 

In May 2018 we were so happy to collaborate with MOOP – The Museum of Ordinary People, a pop up museum that celebrates the ripples people leave behind.   We created an installation which invited visitors to the Museum to take a moment of reflection.  One of the biggest things that we have learned at Miss Rep is the power of talking, sharing thoughts and concerns, asking for support, offering support and seeing that we are really not all that different.

There is power in standing as a community and hearing each other .  We invited people take a square of Miss Rep wallpaper and anonymously share a worry or concern.  Others would then find these and write a message of love, support or advice in response.  All of this is completely anonymous.  Once complete, these were paste onto the wall or placed in an object or drawer for others to read and discover.

We also joined Lucy and Jolie, MOOP founders, in a discussion to celebrate our shared passion for providing a platform for people to share their stories and exploring the need to create space for unheard voices in arts and culture, before we took to the stage and share some new creations in music and spoken word, including a special performance from Miss Rep artist, Cate Ferris.

Photo credit: Anya Arnold


2018 – Generation Now

holding hands friendship performance

Over summer Miss Rep had loads of brilliant new members!

It gave us all an opportunity to try out new ideas with new characters, as well as write new songs.

In October we performed these new pieces –  spanning love, beauty, friendship, self-image, loss – and how it feels to be a young woman: part of ‘Generation Now’.

Photo Credit: Anya Arnold


Watch Hope’s beautiful performance of her original song, Just Me.

Miss Represented performed at the The Basement in Brighton, which inspired bright dewy eyes along with smiles of pleasure in the audience. A new generation of women revealed their thoughts, fears and social commentary; it was almost impossible for the audience not to be moved by such strong voices, soaring beautifully in song, and sharing stories.

Along with the live performances, we previewed our documentary about our tour of Can You See Me Now?

We took the opportunity to look back over the last seven years of Miss Represented, celebrating the involvement of all the girls and all they have contributed to the project.  With us were the extraordinary Caitlin Smith and Evie Martin who now facilitate our Satellite Sessions and have started their own inspiring campaign, Park Life.

Anya Arnold did an incredible job of capturing the magic of the performances, which you can view below – thank you Anya!

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