In 2017 we went on our first Residential trip to Embercombe in Exeter.

It was the first time many of the group had been so far from home and began with many challenges and anxieties, having to adapt to new experiences and unfamiliar surroundings (giant moths in yurts!).


It was quite the journey – only two days, felt like weeks! – as time went on we began to feel a bit more free from everyday struggles, finding solace and laughter in nature and with each other.   We returned feeling somewhat changed and new having connected to a different part of ourselves.

Embercombe describes itself… “Inspired by powerful indigenous teachings and deep nature connection, Embercombe seeks to reconnect you to your wild authentic self, resourcing you to live a passionate, intimate and purposeful life.  Our programmes offer you the opportunity to reconnect to what is important to you and to the life you dream of living”.

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