Miss Represented
In Action

Creativity has the power to heal deep wounds.

Girls are referred to Miss Represented from a range of agencies including:

  • social services
  • youth offending
  • schools that have identified young women at risk of exclusion

We are a bold, rich, loving and creative way of providing support to these young women leading them away from crime, and helping them understand and process complex relationships or painful life experiences. Miss Rep moves the girls towards solidarity, connectivity and friendship, giving them the life long skills they need to communicate and thrive.

Part of why Miss Represented is so successful is because being collaborative is at the heart of what we do. We are led by our young women and we develop strong relationships that build trust and generate confidence.

“Talk to any child in prison or in trouble with the police and they will tell you that falling out of school was a trigger point.”

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, March 2019.


Intervention before exclusion

Experienced Facilitators

Two Miss Rep artist-mentors will come to your school for 10 weeks a term. They will work weekly with 6 girls identified by you.

What do you need?

We can work with you to design a year long programme aimed at supporting the girls who need the most support.


Year 9 can be tough. At Hove Park we supported six Year 9 girls as they transitioned into Year 10. Only 1 needed ongoing additional support following this intervention.


This is a subsidised programme. We’d love to talk to you about how we can make it work best for you.

some of the organisations we work with:



  • Young women remain in school needing less ongoing support, improving their future prospects and posing less of a disruption to the community and police.
  • Young women develop resilience and coping strategies for regulating their emotions.
  • Young women experience a reduction in anxiety and low level mental health problems.
  • Young women are at less risk of exploitation.
  • Increased understanding and better relationships between pupils and teachers.
  • Miss Rep alumni continue on a positive life trajectory as paid co-facilitators.

Let’s Talk

Are there young women at your school or PRU who need additional support?

We are happy to come in for a chat to discuss what is possible and what will suit you and your young women best.

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