The Retrospective and Developing our Style 2016

This year we took a look back through our previous 5 years and created a retrospective  exhibition for International Women’s Day.  We also delivered a workshop on the Brighton Dome Concert Hall stage sharing some of our creative approaches.

Using Home:Life (2015 show) as a springboard and working with some new members we started developing new pieces of work.  We performed our work-in-progress twice –  at The Attenborough of Contemporary Arts as part of the Beating the Odds research with CIRCY (University of Sussex), and at Eastbourne Library Theatre for young people College Central.  This helped us get feedback and develop our ideas for the show that eventually became Can You See Me Now? in 2017.

Girls: Ellen, Caitlin, Chloe, Evie, Kadie, Tia, Kia, Lauren.

Team:  Bex Fidler, Jo Bates, Poppy Burt, Kristina Veasey, Kassia Zermon & Lauren Joy Kennett.

I’m a Teenager So What

Video by Lauren Joy Kennett and Kadie Tindall

Check out the postcards we produced for the exhibition

Miss Represented: Retrospective Private View

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