Not every house
is a home


Show 2015



Home:Life featured vignettes of performance:

The Push and Pull of the Sea / Maybe Home is a…

Written and performed by Chloe E

I Remember: Like a Little Circle

Written and performed by Evie

Additional performers: Caitlin, Chloe E, Chloe R and Eunice.

Miss Rep Chant

Written by Georgia, Jess and Ellie

Performed by Georgia, Kia, Jess and Evie.

Bringing Me Peace

Written and performed by Caitlin

Beautiful Me

Performed by Kia

Getting to a Place Without Fear

Character and story created, written and performed by Annie

Dance created and performed by Annie

Song, Don’t Look Back In Anger, performed by Kia.

Ain’t No Sunshine

Performed by Rita

Team: Bex Fidler, Jo Bates, Poppy Burt, Gemma Kauffman, Kassia Zermon, Lauren Joy Kennett & Janine Fletcher with support from Becky Kempson and Claire Platt.

Olivia’s Tale

Character and story created and written by Chloe R

Voiceover performed by Chloe R

Live story performed by Shannon


Song written and performed by Georgia


Song written by Plan B and Miss Represented

Performed by Miss Represented



Home is a State of Mind: conceived and created by Lauren B;

exploring positive and negative emotions.

Not Every House is a Home: Evie

Collaborative houses:

House of Fire and Fury

House to Breathe

The Miss Rep House


Behind the Scenes: view the gallery

We spoke about the project on BBC 1XTRA…

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