Unleash Creativity

Creativity is our friend and a remedy for life

We are delighted to be able to share with the world Miss Represented’s Creative Schools programme. We have been delivering our programme across 7 schools throughout Brighton and Hove with a range of brilliant and creative young women.

We have been growing new relationships with new schools and new young people. We are focussed on having meaningful conversations, making art, and creating a safe space for the members to share thoughts and feelings connected to being a young woman in 2020 – 2021:

What does this feel like? What are some of the challenges, the highs and the lows? What makes you laugh, cry? What makes you angry, sad? Who’s there for you when you need to talk?

These conversations helped us to start our artistic process: creating a piece of art, poem, song or dance .

The groups have been exploring a range of everyday experiences through different mediums.

  • Self Portraits
  • Protest Boards
  • Refurbishing dolls houses and creating stories and characters for them.
  • Writing songs, poems and stories
  • Make-up and experimenting with changing ideas around individual identity

Where are we now?

The schools are shut but we are not –  we are currently delivering our sessions online. Covid-19 has required us to be flexible and responsive. Our dedication to supporting our young women has allowed us to continue the creative journey we embarked on together. We have been sharing lockdown stories and poems, and we have stayed together in a world that is  stressful and full of unknowns. We are continuing to connect creatively, bringing women together to have a voice.

S aged 14 commented:

‘lockdown has been difficult, not having any space away from my family, when online doing Miss Rep they all give me space, they know I need that session very much’

The Future

We would love to be able to grow  and develop our schools programme to reach more young women. We aim to work with schools in East and West Sussex as we believe that creativity is fun, free, helps us heal and grow as people, and it helps young people to connect the dots between emotion and communication.


Quotes from the young people:

  • ‘Being able to attend a supportive group at school make me want to be here more; I wish Miss Rep was on every morning so I was ready for the day.'  

  • ‘I may not be at school as things are uncertain but I am very grateful that Miss Rep is still in place I don’t feel so alone at home.’  

  • ‘Lockdown has been difficult - not having any space away from my family - when online doing Miss Rep they all give me space; they know I need that session very much.’  

  • Feeling lost with not knowing what’s going on, never know what’s coming next. Life is shit, so difficult and depressing feels like time is gone! No one around in this ghost town

  • Lockdown, low down When’s it going to stop now Facetiming for 13 hours Zooms doesn’t have no hugging powers!

  • I miss my school life that freedom I even miss the school I just want to go back to it all

  • Missing my friends and family I want to see everyone again So lonely and depressing When this isolation going to end?

Quotes from the workers:

  • ‘Working in the schools have been very different to other years and the structure that was once Miss Rep. With this new programme we have  been able to reach out to more young people across Brighton and Hove and our members have gained more then ever before’  

  • ‘Still being able to deliver our sessions throughout this pandemic has made me feel a sense of hope. These girls turn up on zoom whether it’s in their bedroom, alone or they have a house full. To me the communication and connection that has been kept has helped many of these girls to have the tools to manage lockdown.’  

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