Hove Park School and Miss Represented have joined forces, and we are now running our Miss Represented schools programme online via the Zoom App.

The young women in the group have been amazing and have risen to  the challenge of connecting in this way. Being in lockdown at the start of Spring is hard for everyone – but especially hard for young people! Managing the frustrations of lockdown and the impact it can have on our mental health, it’s so important we care for ourselves  and each other. We know that art and creativity is one way of doing this, which is ace, and can really help us to keep positive and express ourselves.

Delivered by the spectacular Miss Rep Facilitators, Hannah and Evie!

The sessions are running weekly and we are exploring some brilliant stuff together: sharing films, drawing games, designing a poster for the NHS, and writing poetry.

Watch this space for new work appearing soon!

In the meantime, here are some of our helping hands we made for International Women’s Day last month. It feels particularly important now – we can’t physically link hands but we can still stay connected and inspired!

The hand activity was inspired by a group member’s love of using their hand as an expressive canvas most days.

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