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Below is the full version of Can You See Me Now?, the documentary which followed our tour in 2017.

2017 – CYSMN Miss Rep Project
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Throughout 2017 we were exploring loads of different ideas as we built up to what would finally become our cross-art show Can you See Me Now?

We were inspired by Brighton Festival’s guest artistic director, acclaimed recording artist, poet, playwright and novelist Kate Tempest and her theme of the ‘Everyday Epic’

– art that helps us connect to ourselves and others, explores our individual stories and differences, and encourages audiences to take a walk in someone else’s shoes.

As part of the May Brighton Festival we worked with Nabokov Theatre developing a piece for the Storytelling Army which we performed guerilla-style at bus stops to the unsuspecting public.   Miss Rep also performed a work-in-progress and workshop as part of Your Place, in partnership with Brighton People’s Theatre, at the Manor Gym in Whitehawk.

By the end of summer our show started to take shape; verbatim theatre, film pieces, live original songs combining together to draw a picture about what it is like as a young person navigating systems and institutions; schools, the care system, social services.

Making invisible stories visible, Can You See Me Now? challenged the stigma attached to people in poverty, on benefits, or struggling with a ‘system’ when at your most vulnerable or life is at its most complicated.  It delved into difficult issues around bullying and self-harm and also took the audience on a journey of solidarity, hope, truth and recovery.

We took the show on tour and had a Q&A with audiences after every show.

from the audience:

  • When you see an angry or aggressive young person it is quite difficult to see past that but Miss Rep makes you think again.

  • It took two years for someone I know to open up and tell me she was in care; it made me sad she was so ashamed: things have to change.

  • I never used to realise that people our age are going through such struggles.

  • Hearing things from these young women helped me to understand [the young people I work with] more from their side.

  • I know what it's like to feel down and bullied, so it made me empathise with the people talking and inspired me.

  • I didn’t realise stories like these were real.

  • Helped me understand my clients better and what its like to be young and alienated.

  • Different perspective of being in care; I will be able to use this to relate to my pupils.

  • I’m a social worker and you’ve given me lots to think about. Everyone's voice is unique, and I learnt something from each of you.

  • I learnt about the struggles of the care system and insights into the mindset of bullying and how it’s passing on your own pain.

  • Excellent, very moving. I liked the intimate style - very open and personable.

  • Having a voice is powerful and possible.

  • Inspiring and moving. Made me cry with how beautiful it was.

  • My Mum grew up without her dad, so now I understand her childhood better.

  • I do have a deeper understanding on the issues because before i had never heard anyone who had actually gone through those sort of issues talked about.

  • Nowadays a lot of issues are still not talked about or explained in detail. The show managed to delve deeper into things society don’t talk about.

  • I gained a different perspective on the social services; the deep loneliness of being in care; the need for love and recognition; the immense importance of projects like this.

  • This show was a reminder of the power of drama and theatre.

  • I learnt to talk about things and not keep them to myself.

  • These words from young women, these powerful voices, need to be heard.



Moments captured during our working process

Check out our ‘zine.

This shows all the work we created and talks about the project.

Things are wonderful in the world and I can feel the stars dancing in my blood.

Girls On Tour

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Liverpool / Manchester
The Can You See Me Now tour: travels through Liverpool and Manchester.
Our performance at Battersea Arts Centre, London.
Our performance

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Here’s where we visited on tour:

Dorothy Stringer School, Brighton; Longhill School, Brighton; Underground Theatre Eastbourne for College Central; Coachwerks; Hollingdean for The Connected Hub; ACCA (Attenborough Centre for Contemporary Arts, Sussex Uni; The Black-E, Liverpool; Bridge 5 Mill, Manchester; Brighton Youth Centre; The Basement, Brighton; Battersea Arts Centre, London

Girls: Caitlin, Chloe E, Evie, Tali, Kaylan, Jess, Kadie, Kayleigh, Sade, Caitlin M.

Team: Bex Fidler, Jo Bates, Cate Ferris, Kassia Zermon, Poppy Burt, Hannah Coxeter, Lauren Joy Kennett.



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