Jo BatesCo-Founder and Engagement Director


    Jo trained as a social worker and is dedicated to challenging inequality and supporting communities where poverty, trauma and stress have caused people’s lives to unravel.  She believes that people flourish best if they feel cared for, listened to and respected. She is committed to supporting and helping socially excluded and vulnerable young people realise and build their unique potential.

    She has been working in the arts for many years and has found that while no single approach has all the answers creativity opens doors and conversations like nothing else.  She has experienced first-hand how engaging with the arts enables us to explore personal issues, build resilience, develop fierce collaboration skills and gain a sense of belonging.

    She is based in Brighton working closely with other creative organisations. She has worked in a variety of settings including criminal justice, social care, and the charity sector. She is co- founder of the Miss Represented Brighton Dome Flagship Project, works for Rhythmix Music Charity and co- founded Dream of Life London Arts CIC.

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